I guess you bought some projections off me, so thank you for your generosity. They will arrive in your email inbox as soon as I check my email. It will definitely be within 24 hours, but be patient as it won’t be right away.

Last year as a token of my appreciation, there was a picture of my dog learning how to drive. I decided to leave that here so you all can see that she was not very good at it.


In addition, here is her first day home… where she decided to eat a plant. That is not food, you moron.


Later on that day she discovered what a mirror was, but couldn’t quite grasp how it actually worked. (I only posted this particular photo because it’s Proof that I Played The Game).


I’d like to tell you that she became smarter over the years, but I’d be lying to you. Anyways, thanks again for your purchase.