Playoff Projections

This is the page where you can buy my playoff projections.

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Hello everyone, I’m back with some fantasy hockey projections for the playoffs. This spreadsheet isn’t as fancy as the regular season version, it contains three projection sheets, one for forwards, defencemen and goalies, but the data is still full customizable based on whatever scoring settings you used, and editable if you disagree with projections (specifically, how many games played each team is projected to have).

The price: $4, with 50 percent of all proceeds going to an initiative geared towards helping support women’s hockey (still to be determined which one, open to suggestions).

Just one draft kit for the playoffs, here’s what’s included.

Here’s the link to buy it.


Explaining VORP

Most fantasy hockey leagues are different in their own way. There’s no standard and that means a standard ranking won’t apply. You need a customized ranking tailored to your league. That’s the basis of my fantasy projections which revolve around VORP or value over replacement player.

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